Awakening to Change, #2

Title: Awakening to Change, #2
Location: Webster’s Bookstore in State College
Link out: Click here
Description: Welcome to Awakening to Change, informal meetings of TTSC’s inner transition community.

When: May 11th at 11 AM (Second Saturday of the month)

What it’s about: Inner Transition is the emotional, spiritual, and psychological response to rapidly unfolding changes in our society and the natural environment. These changes are largely related to the “3 Es” of energy, economy, and environment, notably the unprecedented large scale forces of peak oil, climate change, and a dysfunctional economy. All of these changes already have and will continue to affect the Centre Region. TTSC is actively engaged in a process of working with other local organizations and individuals to create a resilient sustainable community that is prepared for the coming changes.

Awakening to Change can contribute to this goal in ways including the following:

— transformation in how we approach our pain for what is happening in the world
— transformation in our willingness to participate in reshaping our community
— transformation in our relationships as we come together in this reshaping
— transformation from a feeling of powerlessness to an emerging confidence in the ability to engage in the life process, even with the challenges it includes
— transformation from isolation to a sense of community

There is no need to RSVP for this or future monthly gatherings of this group, which will be held the second Saturday of each month at Webster’s. Just show up and bring your friends! Meetings will be informal, with no leader or formal program, though the group may certainly plan more structured events outside of the meetings, such as hikes or presentations.

Hope to see you there.

From Andy McKinnon, TTSC
Start Time: 11:00
Date: 2013-05-11