Energy Action Plan

What is it about non-renewable we don’t understand?

Oil is a non-renewable resource. Our civilization is founded on cheap oil, but the cost of oil has more than quadrupled in a decade and peaked far higher than that. The Transition response is about where our community will be in 20 years. The plan for achieving our vision is developed in the Energy Action Plan (EAP). The goal of the EAP is to reduce energy dependence, increase community resilience and strengthen the local economy. It begins with a broad vision, a survey of the community and its resources, and engagement of community planners and partners. From the facts and community interests comes the detailed vision from which a plan is made that will achieve the vision. A draft of the plan is drawn up and public dialogue refines it into a working, action plan to transform your community and achieve its goals. The EAP creates its own working infrastructure: It is already under way by the time it is written.

Gross vs Net energy from oil hubbert curves

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